Hello! My name is Adrian,1990's child. Former em-kickass and adrianeline-rush. Celebrating my birthday every 22nd day of July. I have what they called Philophobia,fear of falling in love. I'm a very kind person, yet forever alone. No girlfriend since birth, single and still searching for. Lost in the middle of what we call imagination and reality. Proud Forester. XD

Magtanong ng maayos. Mga sagot sa tanong niyo. Random Facts. Magbasa nang nakapikit. Mga kwentong barbero. Mukha ng tao. Artwork101 Banners Love Typography God Speaks Daily Verse
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Always be who you are no matter what, at least you did not cheat on yourself.

  • adrianeline-rush: I Love being myself, Although there are alot of people say that I should change ,the whole pack of me. I want to ask them a question, Why do they need to tell me that? Cause they are also the one who changed me through situations and time being with them! 

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Posted on December 24, 2011
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